Katia Moskvitch

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Filming in Russian villages

Russian villages are beautiful, especially in the winter.

I guess it's the snow that gives them this natural beauty, makes them a part of nature.

And if you don't think about how poor the people who live there are, how difficult their life is, if you close your eyes on the fact that many do not have running water at home and have to go elsewhere in the village and carry it home in buckets, if you forget that the majority are pensioners who get about $100 per month and are starving, if you manage to make yourself not to think about all this, you'll appreciate the real beauty of Russian countryside...

Reporting from a village Konstantinovo, about 2 hours from Moscow

Me and a Russian grandpa

Russian grandpa pulling a sled with a gas ballon

Russian grandma pulling a sled with buckets of water

Filming a Russian grandma for a feature about valenki

A valenki (traditional Russian winter felt boots) factory