Katia Moskvitch

“Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read.” Frank Zappa.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Working on my tv doc and remembering Reuters

When I came back from Moscow in the end of January 2006, I brought three Beta tapes with me. They had on them everything I've accomplished at Reuters during my month and a half internship--edited news stories, and features. My five 5-min features I am so proud of.

In Russia, I was able to produce that many features in 45 days. Here at UWO, in my M.A. of journalism program, every student has to film, edit and voice one 7-min mini-documentary in two months and a half. My doc is on wind power installations in Ontario. Some people like wind turbines, some hate them. For some, especially farmers, it's a source of income; for other people, it's visual pollution. Conflict. Action. What else do one need to make it a good feature?

(source: http://www.mikelevin.com/WindTurbineSunset.jpg)

Working for Reuters helped me a lot. I was the first one in class to finish my doc. It took me three weeks. Most of the students are still working on theirs. Now I'm not saying I'm exceptionally smart or talented, it just shows how much a good internship is actually worth. Some people still have difficulties using Avid. After having edited on deadline several weeks in a row in Moscow, I think I can edit with my eyes closed... Or at least find the right keys pn the keyboard with my eyes closed.